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LLW Fall + Winter Meal Plan


A four-week set of printable meal plans with delicious, easy recipes and a once-a-week printable shopping list to take with you to the store. This is your ticket to upgrading your weekly eating game! The recipes are naturally gluten-free, seasonal, and simple-to-follow. This meal plan will save you time & money and enable you to eat gorgeous, nourishing food at every meal.


Once you sign up, head on over to your inbox to check out your first week of meals. You'll see all 7 days laid out at a glance along with step-by-step prep instructions, time-saving tips, and oodles of delicious recipes. You'll also receive a printable shopping list you can take with you to the store.  

You'll have the whole weekend to shop, familiarize yourself with the recipes, and do a little prep ahead of time if you want to cook less during the week.  

One week later you'll receive a new meal plan and shooping list. This repeats for the next three weeks.  

At the end of four weeks you will have 50 new recipes learned & loved. You can rinse and repeat, or mix and match new and old favorites.  

For less than $12 a week you don't have to worry, plan, or think about what to eat & shop for!